Answers on Why Women Love Chocolate

It is a known fact that women love chocolate; in fact, 75% of the chocolate purchasers are women in USA only. In Switzerland it is said that they consume it in double dose. But why is that? Why do women love chocolate? Is there any logical explanation to this fact? Some scientists have considered the fact that in the chocolate there is an ingredient to stimulate some processes that are similar to those of sexually arousing. But this is mostly a presumption and not based on real facts.

There is however another explanation that goes for the feeling of happiness that one must have when eating chocolate and as such stimulating some brain chemicals to induce a better state of mind. But this is again a fact not based on reality as these chemicals have been proven to break real fast not allowing one to stay that ‘high’ for a long period of time.

A theory that seems to be widely accepted is that sugar and fat were considered essential for prehistoric men’s survival and as long as these ones exist in chocolate, it can bring inside the hunger center of the brain the satisfaction and as such making us feel happy. This sort of effect has been stronger felt upon women, especially the ones who have a binge eating history. But all these are still under debate, although there could be a non-scientific explanation that you should also be acknowledged of: the way chocolate melts in the mouth.

This aspect is the most enjoyable one. Just consider the process for a few moments_ you introduce the chocolate in your mouth and feel how this one softly melts in softening up its texture on the tongue. The silk feeling can be compared with the passionate kiss of your lover. Then the way chocolate continues to wrap around your tongue releasing the fragrance of cacao that stimulates your senses like the smell of your lover’s body. It looks almost like the prelude of a love affair.

Maybe this is also the reason why chocolate makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and it has to be chosen accordingly as perhaps not all of it is appropriate for the lover’s present. This is why you should consider the factor of melting rather than the flavor when choosing a box of chocolate for your beloved one for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Maybe chocolate truffles can be a good choice, and why not try with the organic chocolate truffles to make the gift complete and unique as well.

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