Valentines Day Gifts That You Can Both Enjoy

Most men have heard that Valentine’s Day is for girls. That means they probably end up having to grin and bare a lot of things like watching sappy movies and locking away the Xbox for an entire day (or evening, depending on your level of self restraint). In reality, while the day is predominantly for women, it’s because men are averse to the whole concept and go along with it just so their girlfriends don’t get angry. The day men start to enjoy it, they will feel women making an effort to make it a special day for them as well. Here’s how to make the day less about her and more about the both of you.

A gift you can share

She’ll love flowers and go nuts picking the perfect vase to put them in but they will eventually die and all the time you’re probably thinking why you can’t get her a potted plant that lives longer and costs way less. Forget flowers; buy a gift that you can both share. Let her know that the gift will be for both of you, but then don’t buy something stupid like a game that she can’t play.


Valentines Day chocolate gifts are something that you can both enjoy and food is also considered to be a romantic gift. Look for unique chocolate gifts like dipped fruit.

Let her know you care about the day

You know how women get very suggestive about things when February starts? They’re trying to remind you (if you’ve forgotten or are just putting it off) that a very special day is coming. If you care just as much for the day, why not start hinting that you’ve got something planned. Most women will instantly feel they should get you something because you bothered to remember the day.

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