How To Hire Employees For A Mobile Coffee Franchise

It’s time to start. You’ve just bought a mobile coffee franchise and now you need people to help you run it. Even if you plan on working inside the shop yourself, it’s always a good idea to have some extra help. Perhaps you need just one employee or five. Either way, there is a set list of procedures you must follow in order to find the most faithful and hardworking people available. The following guide explains the steps you need to take before you begin looking.

All businesses must follow important federal and state regulations before they hire their first employee. Your mobile coffee franchise will have a number of applicants but you want to make sure they are suitable for the job. First you will need to obtain an employment identification number. This is a system that allows the correct reporting of taxes to be turned in to the Internal Revenue System. You can apply for this number online or calling their phone number.

The next step is to set up withholding taxes. This is a carefully planned system that allows you to keep track of employment records for four years or more. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the details for your mobile coffee franchise, so an accountant will help you with this part. During the interview process you will have the potential employee fill out the W-4 Form. This will take care of the federal income tax withholding papers. At the end of the year you will also have all wages and taxes reported to the government on the federal wages and tax statement.

Every employee you hire must be eligible to work in the United States. Even if your job application form has questions pertaining to this status, there are additional items you are required to fill out. The Form I-9 confirms that the person is eligible to work in the United States and for your mobile coffee franchise. This form does not need to be submitted to the government, but they do need to be kept on file for at least three years. To find this application, just go on the Immigration and Customs website to download it and find out any additional information.

Finally, once you have hired someone, you must report the new employee to the United State’s New Hire Program. This needs to be done even if this person has previously worked for your mobile coffee franchise in the past. Within 20 days of giving them the job you must file this report. After doing so, the state and government can keep track of US citizens’ employment and ensure that they are filing taxes for the job. Their employment with you will be kept on record permanently so it is essential that you get all the correct information in the beginning. You can visit the New Hire’s website if you have any questions on specific requirements.

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