How to Select and Store Coffee Beans?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and is also available in different forms. However, only true connoisseurs are particular about the type of beverage they consume. When choosing coffee beans, its origin is of primary importance, as the beans grown in different regions widely differ in terms of colour and taste.

Different Types of Products

There are many different varieties of plants of which Arabica is the main variety that makes for about seventy five percent of the world’s coffee trade. It is regarded as one of the most superior type of product compared to any other variety. Some of the other varieties that coffee companies offer are Robusta that include Canephora and Kopi Luwak. Java and mocha are another variety of plants. To create complex taste, beans from different parts of the world are blended together such as mocha-java which is a combination of java and mocha beans. However, not all blends are true, so you must be very careful when picking blends. Choose only those you are sure of or go by the recommendation of experts.

Tips for Choosing Coffee

Selecting the right beans may be regarded as an art, but if you know what to look for, you will be able to pick the most perfect and freshly ground coffee beans. Here are some tips you can use. First, find a specialty online store that is knowledgeable and one that knows its beans right. Always pick up freshly roasted product. Take a good look at the beans showcased on the catalogue. They should look appetizing but beware of those that are broken or splintered. The colour of the roast is also important. You can either choose dark or light coloured roast, depending upon your taste preferences.

Storing Tips

The method and time duration you choose to store the product will affect the taste of the beverage. Storing it in the right condition is very important if you want to experience the same taste in every cup. Majority of the top Coffee Companies provide storage instructions when you purchase the product from them, but here are some useful storing tips to remember. If you prefer to grind the beans, then they have to be stored whole until you are ready to grind them. Storing beans for longer duration will lead to dissipation of flavours, so always buy them fresh and use it within ten days. Store ground beans in dark and dry place at room temperature in an airtight container.

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