Why Vending Machines Are Not the Best Office Coffee Maker

This article will show you what’s the best office coffee maker and we will discuss why those big coffee vending machines you certainly have seen before is not the best option for your daily cup of coffee. Furthermore we will examine how to save a lot of frustration and worry if you don’t like above mentioned appliances such as I do.

Sometimes a long office workday can be very exhausting and tiring. Therefore a good coffee maker is the perfect addition for a stressful office routine. Most of the time you will find a big vending machine in open space offices for all employees and staff members. Unfortunately the coffee which dribbles out of such devices often doesn’t taste good and moreover there are some disadvantages with it:

  • A vending machine is prone to errors and needs to be maintained on a regular basis
  • It’s pricey and sometimes you have to pay a few cents or a dollar for a small plastic cup
  • There is no real milk in it. Mostly it comes in powdered form
  • The variety of coffee is lousy and limited and there are not many options to choose from
  • It’s difficult to input special wishes

And if the machine is broken, chances are that you may correctly become upset. This is easy understandable because you don’t want to go without your hard-earned cup of coffee. Lastly those plastic cups are extremely thin, so you can burn your fingers quickly.

I don’t want to blame coffee vending machines but in my opinion they are not suitable for office use. A better option would be a small espresso maker or a coffee machine with a grinder. You can’t do anything wrong with it because freshly grounded coffee from quality beans always tastes nice. In contrast, nobody likes artificial coffee powder. Of course there are exceptions but vending machines often use such powder and I guarantee, that this has nothing to do with real coffee.

Anyway, if you are like me and prefer quality coffee over artificial ones, then I suggest to look for espresso coffee machines. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars because there are excellent models out there for less. You could finance this through your communal pot for example.

Try to find a place where the machine doesn’t bother you because they sometimes can be loud, especially if they come with a grinder. It’s annoying if someone brews a coffee every five minutes. An advantage is, that the machine can be moved everywhere you want. If this is inconvenient, then a classic filter drop machine is probably a better choice. Quiet and still better than a coffee vending machine it does a great job.

The bottom line, however, is that everyone likes their coffee different. With this article I brought two good alternatives close to you and I hope that some people will recognize themselves and gather useful information from it.

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