Making a 30th Birthday Cake

Having a good 30th birthday cake requires a good theme. A good theme isn’t always easy to come by because there are so many themes to choose from. If you having a hard time coming up with a theme then there a couple of things you can do. You can look at interests of the person, passions or hobbies to see what kind of cake he or she would enjoy. If you look at these three things then you’ll have an easier time preparing a making your cake.

The first thing you can ask the person your baking the cake for is what are their interest. Their interests can be anything from their favorite magazines or T.V. Shows. Interests are a great and humorous way to theme a cake with. If you pick the right interest that person will surely enjoy it and appreciate the care you’ve put into the cake. Remember that it’s something he or she doesn’t mind being public because it could also get embarrassing if he doesn’t feel proud to have an interest.

The next thing you could look at is that person’s passions in life. What does he or she love to talk about. It could be anything from politics or news or even family. It can be funny to make fun of some politician he doesn’t like in your cake design but I wouldn’t make it main theme of your cake. Just a little bit humor and a jokingly hit on someone is great. Remember to not think to deeply about it and enjoy your process.

The last and final thing you could look is that person’s hobbies. What kind of hobbies does like to do. Maybe golfing, biking, or skiing what ever he enjoys doing or would like to do more of is a great theme for a cake. Some people love their hobbies so much that they never stop thinking about it and this makes for a great cake theme. Remember that it’s never something that would bring up bad memories and to be empathetic. Use your intuition and you’ll know what’s good for your cake.

These are some simple ways to get you on your way to preparing a theme for your birthday cake. Picking a theme is the most important part to your cake because if you don’t choose one then you’ll have a hard time getting everything you need. Choose a theme and preparing the rest of your cake is easy. Remember that preparing a cake is fun and should never be stressful. IF you bake when your stressed then your cake will be stressed so bake your cake and enjoy.

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