Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for Children

The cake is one of the most traditional parts of any child’s birthday. Butter cream frosting and cheerful colors can turn simple cakes into treats worthy of a celebration. If you want to surprise your kids, learn how to make cookie balloons, candied lemons, and edible roses. From cupcakes and easy to use toppings to sugar blossom flowers and marzipan, there are many ways to decorate a cake for children.

Try these cake decorating ideas to sweeten your child’s next birthday:

Make Marzipan Roses

Marzipan roses can make any cake look spectacular. These edible decorations can be used on cookies, cakes, and other iced baked desserts. Use a flower-shaped cutter to make the marzipan and then wrap disks of marzipan around the cone. For each rosebud, take three hazelnut sized balls of marzipan and one twice as large. Place them between two sheets of cellophane. Roll the large petal into a spiral shape to form the centre of the rose. Lay the smaller petals around the centre over the seam. Allow the roses to dry slightly before putting them on the cake.

Use Colored Butter

If you are preparing a two- or three-tier cake, add colored butter for an added visual effect. Instead of adding color using artificial food dyes, take the time to make homemade colored butter. Let your children pick the palette.

Make a Princess Castle Cake

Surprise your little princess with a castle cake for her birthday. The more towers, the more difficult the cake will be. You can prepare the towers several weeks in advance. If this is the first time when you are making a castle cake, start with a seven- or five-tower cake. You can use rose icing color, candies, butter cream icing, and sprays of fondant flowers.

Add Candy and Cookies

Incorporate your children’s favorite cookies into the birthday cake decorations. You can make a zoo-themed cake and decorate it with animal crackers. Candies are versatile cake decorations too. The results look professional, and no pastry chef is required.

Animal Birthday Cake Ideas

If your child loves animals, you can surprise him with a special cake. Animals often serve as the theme for children’s birthday parties. You can make farm animal cakes, ladybug cakes, butterfly cakes, owl birthday cakes, and even monkey cakes. Use candies or icing fie the eyes and nose accents. Add editable paper images, candy-coated bugs, chocolate chips, and peanuts.

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