Acing the Freezer Game With Freezer Tips

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In today’s time, almost every household has a fridge and some even have more than one refrigerator. However, when it comes to refrigeration maintenance, it is a different ball game altogether. Most people contact techies for fridge maintenance problems.

As a matter of fact, if a fridge is maintained properly, then there will be lower risk of it being breaking down. Thus, we bring an exclusive top freezer tips that help in minimising the risk of freezer breakdowns. The tips are as follows;

• Shutting the Door: The key is to always shut the fridge or freezer door properly. Not closing the door properly results in wastage of energy as well as makes the compressor work extra than what is required. Also, one should avoid stacking boxes around the evaporator along with stuffing the cabinet with bottles which leaves for air to pass.

• Keeping It Clean: People who fail to keep the condenser clean end up paying 8% extra when it comes to energy consumption. One needs to call an engineer for cleaning up the dirt or fluff that covers the components. An engineer also helps in preventing the risk of overheating when the freezer keeps on getting hotter.

• Split Door Seals: When the freezer’s door seal is split, one ends up paying as much as 10-15% more for energy. Split door seals are known to waste large amounts of energy. People should avoid this because it does no good when the kitchen temperature is already hot. The key is to wash the door around the seal with little soapy, warm water and cloth. One should avoid using a knife and check diligently for ill-fitted seals or splits. One should never delay in replacing damaged seals.

• Evaporator and Ice: People with cold rooms should pay close attention to the evaporators because that is where the cold air is being blown from. Problems might arise when there is ice around or on, especially at the rear ends of the evaporator. In case the ice has turned into a stalactite, then it is a grave concern. One should immediately call engineer and get it fixed.

• Woes of the Ice Maker: In case the ice maker is cloudy, then it needs to be de-scaled. The water filter fitted to the freezer should be annually changed. In case of removable filters, one can easily pull it out and place it back after thorough cleaning.

• Temperature Readouts: One should always check the temperature readouts of all the cabinets post a long shift. This is needed to know how the temperature of your display fridge is recovering after being used heavily. In case, the temperature is not recovering to the operating temperature, then an engineer needs to be called quickly.

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