Illinois is home to a diverse population, and the state’s cuisine reflects this diversity. You can get the food you want anywhere in this state, no matter what it is. But it’s undeniable that Illinois residents enjoy Mexican cuisine, from the traditional flavors, preparation methods, and ingredients to the contemporary iterations of well-known dishes and the fresh inventions influenced by Mexico’s wide range of tastes.

The size and ubiquity of the Mexican community in the city are reflected in the variety of readily accessible, high-quality restaurants available outside of the enclaves that predominantly serve Mexicans of all generations. Here are our top picks for romantic Mexican restaurants, including the well-known Milwalky Taco restaurant.

Taqueria La Penca Mexican Restaurant, North Riverside, IL

La Penca, a local favorite known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, serves staples like sirloin, burritos, tacos, and salsa. Although the tiny eatery is in a strip mall, residents love it because of the flavors. Horchatas and chorizos are popular with customers as well.

Chilam Balam Broadway Chicago, IL

The menu at Chilam Balam changes and frequently takes on classic dishes like roasted delicata squash with pecan mole and cranberries and memes filled with corn masa and black beans and topped with goat cheese, tomatillo, and chile de árbol salsa. On weekends, there are fish specialties, fresh tortillas, and a weekly-changing dessert. The environment has a secretive vibe and is eclectic.

Milwalky Taco

Milwalky Taco is a buzzing little restaurant in the heart of downtown, focusing on tacos, tequila, and whiskey. Handmade tortillas contain fresh vegetables, fire-grilled meats, and homemade salsas. They provide traditional Mexican food and inventive cuisine in a cozy atmosphere to ensure everyone has a memorable experience. It also features a taco and tequila bar to accommodate your preferred date and other requirements you may have to make your party or celebration memorable.

Jalapenos, Peru, IL

Locals and visitors alike adore the Mexican cuisine at Jalapenos. This traditional Mexican restaurant beside the highway provides tasty food and welcoming service. The guacamole, tacos, and fajitas are among the patrons’ favorites. Visit this family-friendly restaurant’s daily specials as well.

Adolph’s Mexican Foods, East Moline, IL

Adolph’s is a family-friendly restaurant with a reputation for delivering some of the most incredible Mexican food in the Quad Cities. Customers gush about their weekly special Tuesday tacos and friendly service. Adolph’s has two locations, and the one in East Moline offers morning tacos every day except Sunday.

Mi Tocaya Antojeria, Chicago, IL

This fabulous restaurant works for any occasion. Small foods are the menu’s main focus, including some excellent tacos, a light burrata and cactus salad, and luscious peanut butter lengua.

Big Star, Chicago, IL

This is the place to be if bourbon, tequila, and tacos seem like fun times. You may pair your savory single-barrel bourbon with a fresh taco at Chicago’s Big Star. Try the tacos’ grilled beef, pinto beans, cilantro, chayote pico de gallo, pasilla salsa, and carne asada. Also, you can try the Yuba Guisado, which consists of Yuba tofu, guajillo salsa, white onion, and cilantro, for a vegetarian option.

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