Why Not Try Fine Cubed Wild Beef, in Your Pasta Sauce?

If you are looking to cook like the authentic Italian chefs and you are in need of a great recipe to impress the guests, then why not try applying cubed wild beef in your pasta sauce? There are countless ideas that are floating around in recipe books and in magazines for great Italian dishes to make and surprise family and guests. What if you are looking for something more that that however? What if you are looking for something that will be talked about for weeks after the event? This is where the choice to spice up a great sauce with this type of beef can be so appealing.

Avoid Gamy And Shoot For Tender

When you think of the phrase cubed wild beef, you will more than likely assume that because the beef is wild that it would be gamy. This is not the case if you know what you are doing, and there are several books out there that can teach you to cook this beef like the pros. You will have this beef so tender, that when in the sauce it will melt in the mouth. This is where the accolades will start pouring in, and you will be the talk of the inner circles in your area for quite some time. This beef is not the standard grocery store variety, and you will need to go to a special butcher for this delicacy. Many normal North American butchers may not even carry this meat, so you may have to actually seek out an old school Italian butcher shop to find what you need.

A Tender Addition That Changes The Dish

When you are dealing with cubed wild beef, you will immediately notice that this is not your standard beef. The cubes will be darker in color than the normal beef, and it will be laced with more fat lines that a normal cube beef would have. This does not make this meat a lesser quality by any means, what it does do is make the meat more tender and easier for it to break up in the heat of the sauce that you are using it in. This beef will actually transform your sauce, into something that will make your family and guests wonder if you have been taking classes at a culinary school behind their backs.

No Regrets

If you are interested in trying something different to spice up your Italian pasta sauce, then you really should give cubed wild beef a shot, as you will not have any regrets. Your guests will love it, and you will have people asking you where you got your meat. This is definitely a great way to bring new life into a recipe that may have gotten a little stale for you. The great thing about this is that this beef is really no more expensive than any other prime grade a quality cut of beef. You will not have trouble finding this beef, if you stick to the Italian sector of your city when looking for a butcher.

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