Best way to cook artichoke hearts that everyone will love

artichoke hearts

Are you new to the cooking of artichoke hearts?

Do you want to try cooking them in such a way that you would win hearts and best of compliments from everyone who gets to eat them?

If so, then here we are with an amazing recipe that will help you cook the best artichoke hearts ever. All you need to do is to follow the recipe just the way told in the following passage and get the results that you will love to have.

There are a lot of ways in which you can cook the artichoke hearts but the best of all is the one in which you get fully cooked and tender hearts. So for that recipe, you need to prepare them from scratch and then cook them further.

So let us take a look at how to prepare them for cooking.

Prepare the artichoke hearts

In this step, you are going to take 2 normal sized artichokes and wash them away. Clean any errand leaves and stem pieces attached to it to get rid of them. if there are any thorns attached to the artichokes, cut them away with a knife and keep peeling off the stem leaves to get a clear and the edible part out of it. cut the stem from under it so that only the edible part stays out.

Now you are going to cook the artichoke hearts and for that you are going to take a large pan and add the cut out artichoke hearts to it. now add water to it so that the artichokes are fully dipped inside it and are now floating on the top of the pan. Let the water boil on high temperature and them put then cover it and let them get thoroughly cooked.

Now check with the help of a spoon whether they are ready or not. For this you will mash one of them and if a lot of effort is required to mash it, it means they are not ready yet.

Now take mayonnaise, garlic, thyme and vinegar and mix them up to make the dipping sauce. Keep whipping until mayonnaise is all smooth with the other ingredients. Store in refrigerator and serve when it is ready.

Serve with the artichoke hearts which are ready after the boiling process and are ready to be eaten with the dipping sauce.

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